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Internet Assistance Program

Connectivity. Affordability.

SELCO is proud to introduce an Internet Assistance Program, effective January 1, 2024. This program is designed to support low-income residents by offering a substantial $20 monthly discount on any of our internet packages. This initiative ensures that more members of our community have affordable access to high-quality internet services.


Our commitment is to keep our community connected, recognizing the essential role that internet access plays in everyday life, from education to employment and staying in touch with loved ones.

How to Qualify

Customers must be receiving assistance from at least one of the following programs: 


To receive a monthly internet discount, customers must apply by contacting SELCO Customer Service at 508-841-8500  and will be required to recertify annually.


Our Billing & Collections team will verify eligibility for the discount by coordinating with our local community assistance programs.


Once verified, a monthly $20 discount will be added to the customer's account with a yearly expiration date.


For annual renewal, customers will receive notices via mail and phone call:

If a customer has not renewed by the given date, the discount will be canceled. Customers will then have to reapply and the discount will restart for the following month. 

Local Contacts:

Shrewsbury Youth & Family Services - 508-845-6932

Shrewsbury Council on Aging - 508-841-8640

St. Anne's Human Services - 508-799-4169


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