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Enjoy streaming all the local channels you love supported by the community-owned provider that you trust.  

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Helpful Guides & Features

Check out our videos and guides to learn more about the many features of

SELCO Stream.

Helpful Guides


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  • Do I have to use SmartHub to pay my bill?
    No. You can take advantage of all the features of SmartHub or you can continue to pay your bill as you currently do. Click HERE to view multiple payment options to pay your SELCO accounts. To make sure you are paying SELCO directly, there are a number of ways you can securely pay your bill. Online- visit Smarthub at or click the "Pay your Bill" tab on the top of our website. Mobile App - Download the Smarthub mobile app on Apple or Google Play. By Mail - Mail your received bill with the bill ticket to our P.O. Box as listed on your bill. In-Person - Visit our office at 100 Maple Ave. By Phone - Call 508-841-8500 and press 1 to pay your bill. Participating Retailers - Pay your bill at participating retailers (a $1.50 fee will apply) such as Walgreens, Walmart, CVS & 7-11. Visit You must bring your bill with you to pay.
  • Can I manage and make payments on multiple accounts with SmartHub?
    Yes. SmartHub shows all of your accounts, along with the amounts due for those accounts. You may make a payment to a single account or multiple accounts (Electric & Communications) from both the website and mobile app.
  • How can I view my energy use?
    You can view your energy use on the website and app. On the website: Click My Usage Select My Usage then select Usage Explorer On the app: Select the Energy Use icon to view your energy use.
  • How current is the account information in the app or website?
    The information you see in the app and on the website is shown in real-time. However, if you keep your app or web version open for an extended time, you should refresh the page by selecting a new option in order to ensure the information is current.
  • How do I avoid being scammed by another party when being asked about SmartHub and my new account number?
    Please know that throughout this communication process, we will never call or email you to ask for credit card numbers, bank account routing numbers or any other type of personal information. If you do receive such communication from someone claiming to be a our Employee, please report it to us. DO NOT USE Doxo, or any other third part app to pay your bill. Click HERE to review the options on how to pay your SELCO Bill.
  • How do I read my bill?
    Click HERE for more information on how to read and understand the new bill format.

Channel Features

Due to licensing restrictions, some features such as Restart-TV, Catch-Up TV, Trickplay, and nDVR may not be available on specific channels. 

RestartTV - Allows customers to go back to the beginning of a show that is already in progress.

CatchUpTV - Allows customers to replay content that aired within the past 48 hours.

TrickPlay - Allows customers to Pause/Play, Rewind and Fast Forward during live, recorded or Video on Demand content. 

nDVR- Allows customers to record content on that channel.

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