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Helpful Guides & Features

Check out our videos below to learn more about the many features of SELCO Stream.

Amazon Fire Stick & SELCO Stream Installation

Home Screen & Sports Smart Highlights

Search & Recommendations

Live, Restart & Catchup TV

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Video on Demand (VOD)

Helpful Guides

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Channel Features

Due to licensing restrictions, some features such as Restart-TV, Catch-Up TV, Trickplay, and nDVR may not be available on specific channels. 

RestartTV - Allows customers to go back to the beginning of a show that is already in progress.

CatchUpTV - Allows customers to replay content that aired within the past 48 hours.

TrickPlay - Allows customers to Pause/Play, Rewind and Fast Forward during live, recorded or Video on Demand content. 

nDVR- Allows customers to record content on that channel.

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