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Residential Policies

Internet Policies & Agreements
Phone Policies & Agreements
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Electric Policies
Electric Connection Ownership/Responsibility

Homeowners should be aware of who owns and is responsible for each section of their electric connection to SELCO. In the diagram below, areas in black belong to the homeowner and it is their responsibility to repair and maintain these facilities. Areas in blue are the responsibility of SELCO. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the SELCO office at 508-841-8500.

Tree Trimming

All tree trimming on private trees on private property is the sole responsibility of the property owner.  If a tree or tree limb is touching the property owner's service it remains the responsibility of the property owner to have it trimmed.


If a tree limb falls and takes down the service, SELCO will reinstall the service, clear the limb, and the property owner is then responsible for removal of the wood and any other debris.  If a tree limb is broken and is hard on a service, SELCO will assist the property owner in order that it does not tear the service off of the house.


If there is a question of who owns the tree, SELCO will investigate and notify property owner of their responsibility.

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