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SELCO’s community shared solar program provides SELCO customers the opportunity to get clean energy to their home without having to invest in their own solar panels. Community solar is a great solution for customers who rent their properties or for homeowners whose rooftops do not receive ample sunlight or who cannot afford to install solar.

How Community Shared Solar Works
Community solar allows multiple customers to receive their energy needs from one solar array. Participating SELCO customers will be able to subscribe to our community shared solar project at the same residential electric rate they are already paying. This means participants will see absolutely no up-charge! 

Participant Information and Requirements
A maximum of 300 residential customers will be able to participate in this program, each receiving up to 10,000 kWh per year of renewable power from our Community Solar I project located on the landfill on Route 20. To be eligible you must be a residential electric customer on the R-1 rate and cannot have net metered solar installed on your home.

Application and Selection Process 

We will continue to accept applications on a first come, first serve basis until all 300 slots are filled. If interested, please contact Customer Service at 508-841-8500 to see if spots are still available. 


The SELCO Community Solar Project is a joint effort of SELCO, MMWEC, the Town of Shrewsbury, Wheelabrator, and many others. The solar array will provide clean power to Shrewsbury residents for the next 25 years. It will contribute to SELCO’s carbon-free generation sources, which is already significantly greater than the statewide utility average.

In addition to contributing carbon-free electricity, this project is an excellent reuse of the capped portion of the ash monofill located here in Shrewsbury. This solar array will be used as a community solar project, providing enough energy to power 300 Shrewsbury homes using up to 10,000 kWh each year. 

SELCO has long embraced a mission of providing the most reliable service at the best price available. The solar project for the landfill site will provide power at or below the current market rate. Any excess power generated by the project above and beyond the amount used by subscribers will be distributed across SELCO's entire electric customer base. 


  • 11.5 Acres

  • 10,802 Solar Panels

  • 3 MW Output

  • Powering 300 Residential Homes 

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