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Solar Panels on Roof

Residential Solar

0% Solar Loan

SELCO offers 0% loans to residential customers seeking solar panel installation at their homes, in addition to net-metering. Click the link below to learn more. 

Solar FAQs

What is Net Metering?

Net metering is an agreement by which a customer with solar panels is allowed to transfer surplus power produced by their panels onto the grid.  That excess power is purchased by SELCO, resulting in a credit on their bill. At the end of the monthly billing period, the residential customer-generator’s account will be credited for the electricity provided into the SELCO system at an amount equal to the designated retail rate (per kWh). These customer-generators will receive monetary credits to their electric account for their excess generation based on their class of service.

Does SELCO offer Net Metering?

Yes.  SELCO has a residential net metering policy.  However, this policy is only applicable for projects up to a certain size and is only applied to panels owned by the customer.  This means projects constructed through panel leasing agreements and/or third-party power purchase agreements (PPAs) do not qualify for net metering and are not permissible under existing policy.

Is the net metering rate "even", "full" or "equal"?

Yes, SELCO credits the full retail rate. Please see details in the below table.


Effective 03/04/2016: All interconnect agreements submitted for net metering will be subject to future revisions of SELCO's net metering tariff. This includes revisions to the tariff that may credit the wholesale rate for electricity generated onto our system. Effective 05/01/2016: All net metered interconnections to the SELCO grid will be subject to a monthly Distribution Standby Charge of $2.50 per kW of installed solar capacity.  

What other solar incentives exist for SELCO Customers?

We encourage all customers to take advantage of any local, state or federal solar tax credits that might be available.  

Can SELCO recommend any solar installers?

No.  SELCO does not recommend installers.  Be sure whomever you hire is a licensed contractor/electrician and that they pull all required building and electrical permits from the Town of Shrewsbury.


Do I have to own the solar panels?

Yes. Residential SELCO customers wishing to install solar must:

1. Own the home where the panels will be installed.

2. Own the panels. 

3. Own all power produced.


You cannot enter into panel leasing arrangements or third-party power purchase agreements within the SELCO service territory. This means that you may not lease solar panels from any company that will retain ownership of the panels or the power generated.

Is there a system size limit?

No, SELCO does not have a stated system capacity limitation, but each application undergoes an engineering review that evaluates proposed size, customer usage and transformer loading.


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