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Wiring Information - Cable

Whole House Service

This policy is established to set goals and guidelines for the delivery of "whole house" cable television services to SELCO customers.

Whole House Connections - In House Wiring

SELCO allows customers to install in-house wiring. SELCO has a legal obligation under FCC regulations to keep signals leakage within standards. Improper wiring and terminations will cause increased signal leakage. Customer may be charged for service calls that have to be made due to improper wiring installed by customers.

Maximum Whole House Connections

No more than four (4) television sets can be connected to cable services in any one dwelling due to the potential for jeopardizing signal quality. Special engineering and electronics are available if more sets are a necessity.


Standard installation charges including labor and materials apply if SELCO does work. If extensive wiring work is needed, SELCO will inform the customer that an electrician must do a "custom installation" for the wiring before SELCO can follow up and do the final install work.

Service Call Charges

Included as part of the basic and expanded rates, SELCO provides service for the in-house wiring installed by SELCO. In the event that SELCO is called to service a problem at a customer's house and it is determined that the problem is the result of wiring or connection of a VCR, DVD, television or other electronic equipment done by the customer, the customer will be charged for the service call. Service call rates are on file at SELCO.

Material Specifications

If customers chose to do CATV wiring for additional outlets, the following materials are required. 


75 Ohm Coaxial Cable

Drop Cable



Bonded foil, 60% braid, non-bonded tape, 40% braid, flame retardant pvc jacket meets nec article 820v rating (etl listed)



18 awg copper-clad steel

nominal diameter: 0.040" (1.02 Mm)



Gas expanded polyethylenenominal diameter over dielectric: 0.180" (4.57 Mm)



1st shield: aluminum-prolypropylene-aluminum laminated tape with overlap bonded to the dielectric nominal diameter over tape: 0.187: (4.75 Mm)

2nd shield: 34 awg aluminum braid wire, 60% coverage

3rd shield: non-bonded foil shield

4th shield: 34 awg aluminum braided wire, 40% coverage


Flame retardant pvc

Nominal diameter over jacket: 0.297" (7.54 Mm)

Nominal jacket thickness: 0.033" (0.84 Mm)


Impedance: 75.0 +/- 3.0 Ohms

Velocity of propagation: 85.0%

Nominal attenuation: @ 68f (20c)

Cable Installation Questions? Call 508-841-8500 

Drawing not to scale. Specifications subject to change. 

Revision: 04/23/2012

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