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  • Keep Your Existing Number or Get a New Number

  • No Contracts or Long term Commitment Required

  • Unlimited Local and National Calling

  • FREE Call Waiting, Caller ID, Voice Mail, and Other Features

  • Electric, Cable, Internet and Telephone on ONE BILL!

  • Reliable Service from a Name You Can Trust

  • Crystal-Clear Digital Technology

  • E-911 Emergency Calling


* Average monthly taxes and fees: Federal Excise Tax $0 - E911/Disability $1.50 - Federal USF $5.83 - MA State Sales Tax $.62 - Subscriber Line Charge $0. Taxes and fees may vary based on international long distance calls, directory assistance, and additional operator services. Visit for a complete list of international long distance, directory assistance and operator service rates.

General Features

Phone Service Features & Requirements


Services for Individuals with Disabilities

If a disability prevents you from dialing Local or Regional (intraLATA) telephone calls yourself, you may be exempt from the added cost of having an Operator dial calls for you. If a disability makes it impossible for you to look up numbers in the telephone book, you may be eligible for exemptions from local Directory Assistance charges.


Customers with disabilities are encouraged to identify themselves so they can be informed of their rights, as appropriate to their circumstances.

Technical Requirements

In order to use SELCO Telephone Service, you are required to provide certain equipment such as a telephone handset or equivalent, telephone inside wire and outlets, and a powered, non-switched electrical outlet. The customer premise equipment you use in connection with SELCO Telephone Service must meet the following current minimum technical and other requirements:


  • Phone handsets used with SELCO Telephone Service must be compliant with FCC Part 68 rules and regulations, operate with an industry standard ringer equivalency number (REN) (i.e., normally, not more than 1.0 REN), be in good working order. You can determine whether your handsets comply with FCC rules by looking at the information printed on the bottom or back of your handset.

  • Electrical outlets used with SELCO Telephone Service's enhanced Multimedia Terminal Adapter (eMTA) must be installed and operated in compliance with current local and national electrical codes, have a circuit capacity of no less than 15 AMPS, not be switched (except for a circuit breaker), and not be shared with more devices than can be powered safely on that circuit.

  • Inside wire and outlets used with SELCO Telephone Service must be of such quality and grade so as to comply with currently acceptable industry standards for phone services wiring, be in good repair and working order, and be of proper and consistent wiring polarity.

  • In addition, all customer premises equipment must be compliant with all other applicable FCC, local, state and national electrical and/or other codes.

FCC Quarterly Filing Notifications

Telecommunications companies must pay a percentage of their interstate end-user revenues to the Universal Service Fund. This percentage is called the contribution factor. The contribution factor changes four times a year (quarterly) and is increased or decreased depending on the needs of the Universal Service programs. You can read more about the contribution factor in the FCC's Fact Sheet on Universal Service.

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