Enhanced WiFi

WiFi. Better.

The internet is part of our daily lives. Watching movies, playing games, chatting with friends and family, sending pictures all require constant access to the internet.  With many homes having 10+ devices connecting to your router, you need a connection that is reliable, secure, and fast.

When you sign up for SELCO WiFi*, our technicians will come to your house and install a fast, dual-band wireless router in a central point in your house.  We will even connect all the devices (Computers, Smartphones, Tablets, etc.) you want to access WiFi.

Benefits of SELCO Enhanced WiFi

  • Local Service and Support​​

    • From our Helpdesk located in Shrewsbury to our Customer Service in the Town Hall you get help when you need it, from a company that has been serving Shrewsbury for over 100 years.​

  • Extended WiFi range and coverage

    • Dual-Band wireless, 4x4 MU-MIMO, and 802.11ac Beamforming technology help every device stream, game, download better from every room in the house.

  • ​Secure, cost-effective solution​

    • You don't have to worry about installing security patches, enhancement updates or ​have a large up-front equipment costs.  We will maintain everything, keeping you safe and secure in today's digital age.

  • Cloud Based Management

    • If you have questions or issues, our technicians have remote access to real-time WiFi signal strength, channel capacity, network performance, and connected devices to solve your WiFi problems.

Take Control

With SELCO WiFi, you control who gets the internet and at what times.  Don't want the kids browsing late at night? Simply click on their device in the NetValet interface and set a nightly curfew.  The internet to their phone, tablet or game console will turn off automatically at the time of your choosing.  

*A one-time install fee of $35 will apply.  Silver, Gold or Platinum Internet is required.  For SELCO to connect devices, all devices must be present at time of install.