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SELCO Scholarship

Shrewsbury resident seniors, attending public or private high school, are encouraged to apply for one of three $1,000 scholarships offered by SELCO and New England Sports Network (NESN).

These scholarships are awarded based on community involvement, good citizenship, volunteer work inside and outside of school, a recommendation from an advisor or guidance counselor, financial need, and a statement of personal goals and aspirations.

The 2024 application period is now open. Students can apply online by clicking HERE or by paper by downloading this application. Online applications are preferred.  

The deadline to apply is 4:00 PM on Monday, March 11, 2024. Late applications will not be accepted. The recipient will be notified via email. 

Share the Warmth

Each year SELCO asks the community to support Share the Warmth, a program that assists Shrewsbury residents in need with funding to maintain electric service for heat, light and hot water through the cold winter months. Each year the community responds kindly. There is no deadline, donations are accepted year-round.


100% of funds donated to Share the Warmth go directly to assist Shrewsbury families and seniors that are having difficulty affording heat and electricity during the winter months.


If you are in need of assistance this year, Share the Warmth applications are available at Shrewsbury Youth and Family Services, St. Anne's Community Services, the First Congregational Church, St. Mary's Church, and at the Shrewsbury Council on Aging Senior Center. All Share the Warmth applications must be received at the SELCO office by March 1.


Each year SELCO invites 4th grade classes from Shrewsbury Public Schools and Shrewsbury Montessori School, as well as 3rd graders from St. Mary's School, to tour our electric garage and substation.


Students learn about electric generation, transmission, safety, and conservation.

4th Grade Open House
Floral Goes Green

Each year Floral Street School sponsors a "Go Green" event where students spend the day learning about the environment and their impact on the world around them. In the evening the parents are invited to a fair where they can find information on ways to go green at home.


SELCO supports Floral's efforts by working with all third graders to create energy and water conservation advertisements. The students create messages of conservation, and SELCO (along with SMC and the Shrewsbury Water Conservation Project) produces the ads. The "Floral Goes Green" commercials are run on SELCO cable throughout the summer months

SELCO Earth Day Program

Each year SELCO sponsors a town-wide Earth Day celebration to encourage the community to plant trees.  SELCO has given away more than 6,000 free trees to the Shrewsbury community since 2005. 


Trees can actually improve the energy efficiency of a building if planted in the right location. 


  • Shade trees planted to the South and West of your home can reduce cooling costs 15%-35% 

  • Planting evergreen trees along the North and West edge of your yard will form a windbreak and can help reduce heating costs by 10%-20% 

  • Carefully positioned trees can save up to 25% of a household's energy consumption for heating and cooling.


Visit the National Arbor Day Foundation for more information on planting trees in our area.



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