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Robert F. Lutz Award for Customer Service

Each December, SELCO recognizes an employee demonstrating consistently high levels of customer service by giving the Robert F. Lutz Award for Excellence in Customer Service. 




We are thrilled to announce that two exceptional individuals from our team, Michael Lawler, Helpdesk Supervisor, and Valerie Clemmey, Communications Coordinator, have been honored with the 2023 Robert F. Lutz Excellence in Customer Service Award!

Michael (Mike) Lawler:

A cornerstone of the SELCO team, Mike's extraordinary patience and profound understanding make him a customer service wizard. His ability to guide individuals through the complexities of internet, cable, and phone issues is unparalleled. Mike not only ensures solutions but also cultivates confidence and comfort throughout the troubleshooting journey. His generosity extends beyond his team, as he readily lends a helping hand across all departments.

Valerie (Val) Clemmey:

Val is a standout member of our SELCO family, consistently showcasing expertise in communication, customer service, and exceptional organizational skills. Her determination and passion for her work inspire us all, contributing significantly to our collective success. Val's professional acumen, coupled with her vibrant and upbeat attitude, fills our workplace with positivity and motivation.

The Robert F. Lutz Award:

Established in 2015 to honor the legacy of Robert (Bob) F. Lutz, this award recognizes outstanding customer service. Bob, a 40-year Municipal Light Commissioner for SELCO, valued positivity and exceptional service. The award is presented annually to an employee who exemplifies these qualities in serving either external SELCO customers or internal colleagues. Karyn & Ken Polito, Bob's grandchildren, along with his daughter Judy Polito, had the honor of presenting the award alongside General Manager Christopher Roy.

Join us in congratulating Mike and Val for their well-deserved recognition!


Previous Lutz Award Winners

  • Michelle Flynn - 2015

  • Rossana Malaver - 2016

  • Lynda White - 2017

  • Gene Duhamel - 2018

  • Billy Yovan - 2019

  • Joseph Poulin - 2020

  • Carol Giannino - 2021

  • Allison O'Connor - 2022

  • Michael Lawler & Valerie Clemmey - 2023

On Bill Message Template (4).jpg
1955 SELCO Commission

From Left: Don R. Percival; Robert F. Lutz, Chairman; and Curtis M. Clark, Clerk. - SELCO Commission 1955

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