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2022 Lutz Award for Customer Service

Each December, SELCO recognizes an employee demonstrating consistently high levels of customer service by giving the Robert F. Lutz Award for Excellence in Customer Service. 




Congratulations to SELCO's 2022 Lutz Award recipient Allison O'Connor! You may recognize Allison (Allie) as the first face you see when you walk into the SELCO Office at Town Hall. Allie joined SELCO in 2020 as a customer service representative in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and jumped right into action. Allie's co-workers and SELCO's customers describe her as an energetic and caring employee that always goes above and beyond to provide excellent customer service.

The Robert F. Lutz Award was created in 2015 in honor of Robert (Bob) F. Lutz, a 40-year Municipal Light Commisioner for SELCO who always had a positive attitude and recognized the value of excellent customer service. This award is given to a SELCO employee annually who best exemplifies outstanding customer service to either the outside customers of SELCO or internal employees whom they serve. Bob Lutz's grandchildren, Karyn & Ken Polito, presented this award to Allie in his honor. Please join us in congratulating Allie!


Previous Lutz Award Winners

  • Michelle Flynn - 2015

  • Rossana Malaver - 2016

  • Lynda White - 2017

  • Gene Duhamel - 2018

  • Billy Yovan - 2019

  • Joseph Poulin - 2020

  • Carol Giannino - 2021

Allison O'Connor
1955 SELCO Commission

From Left: Don R. Percival; Robert F. Lutz, Chairman; and Curtis M. Clark, Clerk. - SELCO Commission 1955

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