EV Scheduled Charging Program


Monitor and control the charging of your electric vehicle from the palm of your hand!



As part of our efforts to accelerate clean transportation alternatives in Massachusetts while effectively managing our distribution system, Shrewsbury Electric & Cable Operations is partnering with our energy efficiency program manager MMWEC, to provide free  Wi-Fi equipped Level 2 residential electric vehicle chargers to customers signing on to our Scheduled Charging Program.

What is a Scheduled Charging Program?

Scheduled charging is a set schedule to determine when you can and cannot use your charger at full power. Through the Wi-Fi connection enabled in your charger, SELCO can power off the charger during periods of peak energy usage for the rest of our distribution system.

Between the hours of 5:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on non-holiday weekdays, your charger will will be powered off in time with daily peak energy use. Outside of this time period, the charger will automatically unlock to allow you full Level 2 fast-charging functionality.

Emergency Scheduling
Sometimes major events happen on the electrical system outside of our control. To respond to these events, emergency scheduling allows SELCO to temporarily access your charger via Wi-Fi connection to turn it off until the event passes. This limits strain to our system and allows us to continue to deliver low-cost, reliable electricity to Shrewsbury customers. 


How to Receive Your FREE Level 2 Home EV Charger

  1. Customers with an electric vehicle should visit this webpage to review program eligibility, view the Scheduled Charging Agreement and submit an application.  Note that a complete application will require a signed Charging Agreement, proof of car ownership or lease, and a copy of the most recent SELCO electric bill. Please call 413-308-1311 or email ev@mmwec.org with any questions.

  2. Once eligibility is confirmed, the customer must submit a Scheduled Charging/Free EV Charger program application along with proof of vehicle ownership, signed charging agreement, and a copy of their most recent electric bill to MMWEC.

  3. Once the application is approved, the homeowner will receive a coupon code via MMWEC and order the charger on the website supplied with the coupon code.  The charger will be shipped directly to the homeowner.  

  4. Upon installation of the unit, the customer will be required to complete registration and connection of the charging device to their home Wi-Fi network. Once registration is complete, the customer will be registered with SELCO's Electric Vehicle Scheduled Charging Program.

Learn More About JuiceBox

JuiceBox EV Residential Chargers bring your home an advanced EV charger offering speed, convenience, and intelligent WiFi control, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. JuiceBox is ENERGY STAR certified! 

Watch the video below and visit the JuiceBox website for installation guides, frequently asked questions, and more. 

EV Scheduled Charging Program Terms & Conditions

Free EV Charger offer good for a limited time. SELCO reserves the right to modify or end the Free EV Charger program at any time. Customers participating in the Free EV Charger Program must meet the following requirements: The Level 2 Charging Unit must be installed and inspected within 30 days of the electrical permit being issued. The EV charging device must remain installed in SELCO's service territory, connected via Wi-Fi, and active within the EV Scheduled Charging Program software for a minimum of thirty-six (36) months. If the EV Charging Unit is removed or no longer in use prior to completion of the agreed upon term, a one-time charge of $600 will be applied to the customer's account to recover the cost of the Level 2 charging device. SELCO reserves the right to power off the charger during peak hours of 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, and may power off the charger during other periods of peak energy demand on the electric system.