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SELCO introduced the Smarthub payment and account management portal in May of 2023. This implementation resulted in changes to your SELCO account number and the remittance payment address. As of March 1st, 2024, we are discontinuing the use of the old remit-to address and prior account numbers for payments.


If your payment was returned to you, that means you are still using the old account numbers and/or address.  Simply update the pay-to address and account number through your online banking portal using the information provided below.

Please remit payment to - 


PO BOX 9269

CHELSEA, MA 02150-9269

Your new account number can be found on your bill here -


Rest assured, any payments returned will result in no late fees for residential accounts. Please update your address in your bank's system and resubmit the payment. Alternatively, you can sign up for SELCO's Smarthub at and conveniently pay through our secure online portal. 


SELCO Customer Service


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