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Heat Pump Incentives

Rebates up to $15,000 for Shrewsbury Residents 
Save even more with Inflation Reduction Act incentives - Click HERE to learn more

SELCO strongly encourages any customer seeking a heat pump incentive to participate in a no-cost no-obligation Air Source Heat Pump Assessment  provided by the Center for EcoTechnology (CET).

A "good standing" heat pump eligibility letter is required to submit a rebate for heat pumps through SELCO. Click HERE to obtain a good standing letter prior to applying for a rebate. 

Heat Pump Benefits:
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Energy Efficient
Ductless heat pumps allow you to heat and cool specific areas in your home, meaning you use energy only where you need to. Plus, no energy is lost through leaky ductwork.

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Financial Savings
Ductless heat pumps are extremely energy efficient, meaning you'll save more on your energy bills in comparison to Oil and Propane.

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Ductless heat pumps don't require any ductwork and are therefore simpler to install.  Plus, you get both heating cooling from just one unit.

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Air Quality
As your heat pump circulates the air in your room, the filters clean and purify the air removing dust, mold spores, odors, smoke and other particles. This makes them excellent for people that suffer from asthma and allergies.

Ductless, mini-split heat pumps can help customers significantly cut down the cost of their heating bills.  Look at the chart on the right to see how much an average customer of Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations (SELCO) with a 2,000 square foot house would spend annually on heating using a ductless mini-split.

Cost Savings:
Eversource Gas
Residents with Eversource Gas Can Double Up on Savings!

Eversource gas customers in Shrewsbury currently can get up to $15,000 for a Ground Source Heat pump, $10,000 for a Whole Home Air Source Heat Pump, or $1,250/ton for a partial Home Air Source Heat Pump from Mass Save. 
Please see their website for more details.

  1. Schedule a free Home Energy Assessment (HEA) through Mass Save® at, or call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule your HEA.

  2. For a Whole-Home ASHP Rebate, complete any weatherization recommendations made by the Mass Save® Auditors.

  3. Check out this website for additional Weatherization Rebates.

  4. Check SELCO’s NextZero webpage for additional Weatherization Rebates.

  5. Get your Free ASHP Consultation. SELCO offers free ASHP consulting services through the Center for EcoTechnology (CET). CET will calculate the energy load of your home to aid contractors in optimally sizing and configuring your ASHP system. Once you receive quotes, CET will review the designs and work directly with your contractor to make any improvements. Call (888) 333-7525 to schedule a free energy load calculation.

  6. Get quotes from a list of trained and qualified heat pump contractors online at Mass Save®.

  7. Consider using a 0% interest loan up to $25,000 through Mass Save® for energy-efficient home upgrades like ASHP. 

  8. Complete and submit the Mass Save® Rebate Application. 

  9. Complete and submit the SELCO Rebate Application. 

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