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Enjoy streaming all the local channels you love supported by the community-owned provider that you trust.  

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SELCO Stream is a better way to watch TV. Every channel is in High Definition, DVR is included, and no set top box is required if you bring your own eligible device such as Fire TV, Apple TV, Roku, Android Devices (such as Android TV), Apple iPhones and iPads!* 

Don't have a streaming device or prefer a simplified streaming experience? Rent our SELCO Stream EVO Pro Box for $5 a month. 
*A SELCO Internet connection is required to use the SELCO Stream LIVE TV Service
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Paquetes de cable y precios

Todos los precios a partir del 1 de marzo de 2022

A $6.50 Franchise Fee will be added to your monthly bill


SAVE even more with a Double Play or Triple Play Discount! 

Double Play - Choose ANY Live TV package with any internet package and save $5.00 every month. 

Triple Play - Choose any Live TV package along with any internet and phone packages, and save $20.00 per month off your bill!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Switch to SELCO Stream before June 1, 2024, AND choose self-installation, and receive a $100 BILL CREDIT on your next bill OR FREE installation and a one-time $25 bill credit. (for current legacy cable subscribers only- offer ends June 1, 2024.)

Available Add-ons


Effective January 1, 2023, SELCO Stream is the only Live TV service offered to new customers. Existing customers with TiVO or Legacy Cable packages can click below for details on legacy pricing and services. 

TiVo Legacy Packages & Pricing

Legacy Cable Packages & Pricing

We're on your side.

Shrewsbury Electric Cable Operations (SELCO) is a community-owned utility that delivers a range of services for home and business including Broadband, Digital TV, and Phone. We employ many of your neighbors and play an active role in the community. We are committed to providing quality TV programming at a competitive price and we fight hard against excessive fee increases from the networks.

Learn more at 

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