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SCAM WARNING - DO NOT use to pay your bill. 



What is DOXO?

DOXO is a third-party online bill payment website that allows the general public to pay utility bills online through the DOXO website. They are not affiliated in any way with SELCO.

Why shouldn't you use DOXO?

DOXO online bill payment website appears to be affiliated with a utility or municipality, but it is not. "" may charge extra fees, and SELCO cannot control when our utility will receive payments from, possibly resulting in a late payment fee or disconnection due to non-payment. Therefore, SELCO advises customers to ONLY utilize the PAY BILL tab on our website for online bill pay, or visit Smarthub.  

How can you pay your bill securely? 

To make sure you are paying SELCO directly, there are a number of ways you can securely pay your bill. 

  1. Online- visit Smarthub at or click the "Pay your Bill" tab on the top of our website. 

  2. Mobile App - Download the Smarthub mobile app on Apple or Google Play.

  3. By Mail - Mail your received bill with the bill ticket to our P.O. Box as listed on your bill.

  4. In-Person - Visit our office at 100 Maple Ave. 

  5. By Phone - Call 508-841-8500 and press 1 to pay your bill. 

  6. Participating Retailers - Pay your bill at participating retailers (a $1.50 fee will apply) such as Walgreens, Walmart, CVS & 7-11. Visit You must bring your bill with you to pay. 

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