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Electric Car Charger

SELCO 限时为客户提供回扣

在 100% 电池电动汽车和插电式混合动力车上

SELCO EV Rebate Program 为 SELCO 客户提供购买或租赁新旧电池电动汽车 (BEV) 和插电式混合动力电动汽车 (PHEV) 的奖励。回扣包括固定/固定金额,加上基于可用电池大小的金额,以及收入合格家庭的额外金额。回扣金额取决于车辆是 BEV 还是 PHEV,以及购买是为了拥有还是租赁。回扣金额详情请参阅下表。


Town Hall - 100 Maple Ave

town hall.jpg

Dean Park - 805 Main St.

IMG_20190807_111215 (1).jpg

Shrewsbury High School - 64 Holden St. 

IMG_20221107_144633951_HDR (1).jpg

Instructions for Use

Connect to our free public wifi network “SELCO EV Guest”


1.) Scan the QR code on the face of the unit with your smartphone or device to access charging. 


2.) Continue in the browser by clicking “Continue without app” or download the Enel X Way App


3.) Insert your payment card information on your device. Once approved, plug in! 


Please unplug and move your EV once fully charged.

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Current Rate

Rates for our public charging stations are billed at the same rate per kWh as the residential (R-1) rate.  

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