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Electrification & Efficiency Loans

SELCO is now offering 0% interest electrification and efficiency loans for owner-occupied homes or condominiums. These loans are available for the installation of HVAC heat pumps (air or ground), service upgrades, energy-efficient replacement windows, and doors or additional insulation.


Customer Qualifications

The SELCO customer of record must be the property owner for the location where eligible improvements are to be made. The applicant must be a SELCO customer in good standing for a minimum of 12 months with no history of late payments. Income-qualified customers may be eligible for an extended loan term of up to 7 years (84 months) for all improvements. Please see the requirements below to determine if your household meets income qualifications for the extended term length.

Residents must contact NextZero for a free home energy audit and/or Heat Pump Assessment (1-888-333-7525) and submit a loan application for pre-approval before the start of any work.

Eligible Improvements
  • Whole-Home Heat Pumps (Air or Ground Source) - NextZero Heat Pump Assessment Required

  • Service Upgrades - As required to support electrification measures such as EV charging, heat pumps, induction cooking, etc.

  • Replacement Windows & Doors

  • Added Insulation

  • Solar Panels and/or Battery Storage 

Loan Amounts
  • Solar - Up to $10,000

  • Whole-Home Heat Pumps (Air or Ground Source) - $10,000

  • Service Upgrade - up to $3,500

  • Windows &  Doors - up to $3,500

  • Added Insulation - up to $3,500

  • Minimum / Maximum Loan Amounts - $1,000 / $10,000

  • Minimum / Maximum Loan Terms - 12 months / 60 months
    (up to 84 months for income-eligible customers)


Loan Application Process
  1. Customers* applying for the 0% interest loan program must first have a free home energy audit. An appointment with our auditors can be made by calling NextZero at 1-888-333-7525. Customers seeking a loan for heat pumps must participate in our Heat Pump Assessment Program offered by CET. Details here:

    1. *Contractors will also be able to apply on the customer's behalf and funds will be dispersed directly to the contractor 

  2. Based upon the audit recommendations and the customer's desire to make the improvements, the customer should get a cost estimate for the proposed work. The customer may do the work him/herself, in this case the materials only are covered by the loan. If a contractor is hired, both labor and material costs are covered.

  3. The SELCO Electrification & Efficiency Loan Application must be completed online using the Shrewsbury Online Services Storefront at

  4. SELCO will review the application and notify the customer of approval or denial. In the case where a loan application is denied, a reason will be given.

  5. After receiving loan approval, the customer may proceed with implementing the approved upgrades.

  6. Following project completion, the customer must again call the NextZero program at 1-888-333-7525 to schedule a post-installation inspection with SELCO's energy auditor.

  7. Once the customer has received the post-installation inspection report from NextZero, they should submit a copy of the report and all receipts/invoices for loan-eligible expenses to their active loan request using the Shrewsbury Online Services Storefront.

  8. The Loan Contract will be sent to the customer through DocuSign.

  9. SELCO will issue a check for payment and will begin billing the customer for the amount due in equal amounts for the loan repayment period selected by the customer during the application process. The one-time $50 administrative fee will be billed along with the first loan installment on the customer's regular monthly SELCO bill. This is waived for income-qualified customers.

Income Qualified Criteria

If pursuing Income Qualification extended term length, at least one of the following is needed as verification. 

  • The first two pages of the most recent federal IRS tax form 1040 (showing line 9) for each adult filing (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, and/or head of household) within the household.

  • Proof of participation in any of the following government benefit programs within the previous 6 months: Fuel Assistance, WIC, TAFDC, EAEDC, SSP, SNAP, TANF, SSI, or Medicaid 

You are Income Qualified if you fall below these thresholds. 

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