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Green Light Renewable Power

What it is -

When you sign up for SELCO Green Light, 100% of your monthly green power payment goes to make sure that clean, renewable electricity is delivered to the regional power grid on your behalf. 

By increasing demand for clean energy, increased supply is sure to follow.  This means an overall healthier energy mix that will benefit our environment, our generation, and future generations. 


Green Light $5

For just $5 a month, SELCO customers can support renewable electric generation in New England. This program is equivalent to receiving approximately 1,500 kWh of green power each year.

Green Light $10

For $10 a month, customers can strengthen their commitment to green power generation by doubling the amount of power they receive (approximately 3,000 kWh) from renewable resources each year.

Green Light Custom

If receiving 3,000 kWh of power from renewable resources annually isn't enough for you, SELCO will work to provide you with a custom Green Light program that fits your needs. 

Environmental Impacts of Signing up for SELCO Green Light

All Green Light charges are in addition to your regular SELCO electric bill. A one year commitment is required for all SELCO Green Light programs. The above environmental impact estimates were calculated using the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's website at Annual kWh estimates are based on the cost of Q4 2020 MA Class 1 RECs. Green Light payments are in addition to your monthly SELCO electric bill. 100% of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) purchased through the SELCO Green Light program are MA Class 1 RECs.

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