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Oak Middle School
Solar Project


SELCO has installed a 6.2kW solar installation consisting of 32 solar panels on the roof at the Oak Middle School. This pilot project will help both Town and SELCO management assess whether solar is a viable renewable energy solution for Shrewsbury's future and will be operated and maintained by SELCO.

The installation includes Internet monitoring of the solar panels and the energy they produce. This provides students with a hands-on educational opportunity to understand how solar power works and how it impacts the overall energy use of their school building.


Installation was completed in early 2009. The lifespan of the solar panel system is approximately 20 years. It is expected these panels will generate enough electricity over the course of a year to power one average-sized home.

Floral Street School
Solar Project


SELCO has installed a 1kW solar installation consisting of 6 solar panels on the grounds at the Floral Street School. 

Floral Street teachers and students will be able to monitor, in real time, the power that is produced by these panels, asking questions about and learning first-hand about solar power and electricity. Couple that with real-time weather information, and students will be able to engage in authentic inquiry about how solar power works and the relationship between this power source and the weather!

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