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Proposed Cable Television License Amendment

In accordance with Massachusetts Cable Television Division Regulation 207 CMR 3.07 Request for Amendment, the Issuing Authority gives notice of a proposed amendment requested by the Licensee, Shrewsbury Electric and Cable Operations(SELCO) to the franchise agreement in effect March 23, 2013.

SELCO proposes changes to the definitions section, Article 1 and Article 6 of the agreement. The amendment seeks to take the public access function from one that is municipally run to one that is municipally funded but operated and governed by a non-profit entity. A report issued by the Town of Shrewsbury and SELCO, containing a red-lined version of the proposed language changes, can be viewed in the office of the Town Clerk or on the Town’s website at (or by clicking on the link below)

A twenty-one day Public Comment period for the proposed amendment begins November 14, 2016 and ends December 6, 2016. 

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